As a writer and historian I appreciate the value of primary sources. As a blogger I also share vital news about school schedules and policies from around the country.

I agree with President Obama that “the challenges of a new century demand more time in the classroom.”

via Remarks of the President to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce | The White House.

School systems should minimize early dismissals of students. There is no excuse to have weekly early dismissals, a practice that was initiated in Fairfax County, Virginia, 40 years ago–much to the dismay of thousands of parents. Going back to the primary source–the  school board minutes of 1971, it is significant to see that the school board never actually voted to have weekly early dismissals in all elementary schools.  It is clear that parents were not given a chance to question this poorly conceived “decision.”

There is a school board election this year in Fairfax County. Will the candidates address this issue? Stay tuned.

I believe that the safety and security of students should be a top priority.  Students should have time for physical activity during the school day.

Virginia Fitz Shea

B. A., University of Virginia, 1973


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