Calvert County improves schedules for 11 schools

Congratulations to Calvert County Public Schools for providing more time and opportunity for student learning in the 2011-2012 school year. The schools in this Maryland school district where the school day schedule will change are: Appeal, Barstow, Calvert, Dowell, Mutual, Patuxent, Plum Point, and St. Leonard elementary schools, Plum Point and Southern middle schools, and Calvert High.

The school system will be piloting a program to create additional instructional time at almost every elementary school from Plum Point Road south.  Approximately ten minutes is being added to the instructional day at most elementary schools in the pilot program.  At these schools, students will be dismissed about 10 minutes later than in previous years.

“The instructional time we are aiming to create, while it may only be 10 minutes a day, adds up to a huge increase,” said Ed Cassidy, Director of Transportation.  “Ten minutes per day is nearly one hour per week.  Over the course of a school year, we can add about 30 hours of classroom instruction.  That is equivalent to about five additional school days.”   Cassidy noted that the principals and teachers he has spoken with about the pilot program are enthusiastic about the teaching and learning possibilities that will be available.

Appeal, Barstow, Calvert, Dowell, Mutual, Patuxent, and St. Leonard elementary schools will have a 6 hour and 40 minute student day and Plumb Point Elementary School will have a 6 hour and 55 minute student day. [Via Calvert County Public Schools: Bus Arrival and Departure Times at Schools – 2011-2012.] Windy Hill Elementary School had a longer school day last year and will have the same schedule this year: 6 hours and 45 minutes per day, according to Gail Hoerauf-Bennett, policy and communication specialist for the school system. Beach, Huntingtown, Mt. Harmony, and Sunderland elementary schools will keep the 6 ½ hour student day for the coming year.

At Calvert High School, the student day will be aligned with the day at the Career and Technology Academy.  The two schools share the same campus.  Starting school fifteen minutes later than it started last year at Calvert High will give the students who attend classes in both schools a seamless transition between classes.  These students will now be able to take one additional course during the school year and can earn more credits toward graduation.  Starting on August 24, 2011, the student day will run from 7:40 a.m. until 2:35 p.m.

Susan Johnson, Calvert High principal, said, “Aligning the bell times between the two adjacent schools will provide optimal learning possibilities for the students enrolled in career and technology courses.  It will also be a benefit to the overall operation of our campus.”

Bus schedules for Calvert High and the pilot schools will be changed to accommodate the new school schedules.  After August 12, 2011, the bus schedules for all schools for the 2011-12 school year will be posted on the school system’s website at:

Click here for each school’s beginning and ending time. This information is also available on the school system website at

” Calvert County, established in 1654, is Maryland’s smallest county in land area. A peninsula nestled between the Chesapeake Bay on the east and the Patuxent River on the west, it is home to a population of 92,200. Located in Southern Maryland, Calvert County lies approximately 30 miles southeast of Washington, D.C. and 36 miles south of Maryland’s state capital, Annapolis.” Board of Education Adopted Operating Budget FY2012, p. 12

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