Let students at Woodlawn and Bucknell have full days on Mondays

Holly Hobbs of the Fairfax Times wrote an excellent summary of the school progress ratings that were released this morning: Fairfax County and most state school systems fail to meet AYP.

“Two schools, Woodlawn and Bucknell elementary schools in Alexandria, were called on to allow students to attend other schools because of their AYP results this year and in previous years.”

Last year the Fairfax County school board made a serious mistake in taking time in school AWAY from students in some of the neediest schools in the county, including Woodlawn and Bucknell. This is unjust. Students in these two schools should not be sent home two hours early every Monday.   In May 2010 the Fairfax County School Board voted to end a program that gave 16 schools the ability to allow students to stay in school for a full day on Mondays. Since 1999 students in these 16 schools were allowed to have a full day in class on Mondays while the other elementary schools were dismissed two hours early.

There are a wide variety of ways to plan to allow for full days five days a week for all schools. The Fairfax County school board should begin making plans to implement this reform in time for the 2012-2013 school year for ALL elementary schools. In the meantime, students at Bucknell and Woodlawn should be given relief from the Monday early dismissal policy in time for the beginning of school in September.


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