Fairfax Principals supported a uniform elementary school day

Let’s not forget that positive steps were taken towards fixing the elementary school schedule in Fairfax County in recent years.  On June 2, 1994,  Gregory J. Lock, Jr., the president of the Fairfax Association of Elementary School Principals, sent a letter to Gary Jones, the chair of the school board, on this topic. Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Dr. Jones,

The Fairfax Association of Elementary School Principals heartily endorses Mrs. Laura McDowall’s “Resolution Establishing A Task Force To Study The School Day & Year,” which she plans to offer at the June 9, 1994 School Board Meeting.

As you know, The Elementary School Study – 1993 Update describes in detail our suggestions for restructuring the elementary programs fo the Fairfax County Public Schools and includes our recommendation for a uniform elementary day. Simply by eliminating the Monday early closing for elementary students, we can add nearly two weeks of instruction annually, without adjusting the school calendar.

To be done correctly, there will be substantial costs to ensure that teachers will continue to receive adequate planning time and that schools will have the time and resources to provide local staff development. We see Mrs. McDowall’s resolution as being key to implementing a systemwide emphasis on elementary initiatives and providing the foundation necessary to support middle and high school programs. We hope that a vision can be created that will receive the full financial support of the community, and we look forward to helping it become a reality.

Please vote in support of Mrs. McDowall’s resolution for the elementary children of Fairfax County.

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