Longer workday for Green Bay teachers

Teachers in Green Bay, Wisconsin will have a 40-hour work-week next year.
Mark Leland of Fox 11 WLUK-TV reports that the school district is adding a half hour to the teacher workday, but not increasing the number of minutes the students are in school.

“The whole purpose behind this is to help close the achievement gap to improve student outcomes by having teachers working and learning together collaboratively,” said Assistant Superintendent Margaret Christensen.

Christensen says the elimination of most collective bargaining rules allowed the district to move forward on adding teacher prep time. She says it is something the district and teachers have been working on for years. Last year, time was added by starting school late on a few days. This time student schedules won’t change.

Toni Lardinois, president of the Green Bay Education Association, said that after an initial meeting on teacher scheduling, the teachers were left out of the plan. She said teachers had a problem with the process.

Lardinois says the teacher’s union was assured when collective bargaining on such items disappeared that both sides would still be able to work together.

“It’s like the district just decided you know what we’ve got control and we’ll take full advantage of that,” said Lardinois.

The report states that the school board had scheduled a special closed door meeting for Friday morning (June 24) to “discuss among other things concerns raised regarding changes in working conditions.”

That sort of closed door meeting for a discussion of policy would not be allowed in Virginia, which has strict requirements for open meetings.


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