Three Fairfax County elementary schools lose full day Mondays

Today is the last day of school in Fairfax County. There has been lots of press coverage about the closing of Clifton Elementary School.  As Jummy Olabanji of  WJLA reported,  some community leaders hope to re-open the facility as a charter school. [Short URL:]

It is also a sad transition for three elementary schools which will lose full day Mondays next year. Starting in September the students will be dismissed two hours early on Mondays at Pine Spring, Riverside, and Westlawn elementary schools.  Fairfax County is going backwards, not forward.

Next year all 138 elementary schools in Fairfax County will allow students to stay in school only 30 hours and 50 minutes each week. If this time were divided equally among the five days, it would be six hours and 10 minutes per day.  This is the length of the elementary school day in Prince George’s County, Maryland. All the other school districts in the Washington are offer a longer school week for the elementary school students.  Fairfax County must act quickly to provide an adequate schedule for ALL elementary school students!


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