Fairfax County school board posts recordings of work sessions

The Fairfax County Public Schools’ website has posted audio recordings of the school board work sessions held June 13. This is a big help to people who are interested in the activities of the school board. Thanks very much for this helpful addition to the website! [I have corrected my earlier post which said that previously the School Board posted video recordings of regular school board sessions, but not the work sessions.  Actually the school board has been posting work sessions that included votes for a while. So far the school board has not decided to record all work sessions. That would be worth doing in the future.]



2 Comments on “Fairfax County school board posts recordings of work sessions”

  1. pommefrites says:

    Yes indeed! The public needs this kind of transparency and communication from it’s public school system.

  2. pommefrites says:

    Make that ITS (no apostrophe needed). 😉

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