Jack D. Dale advocates additional work outside the traditional school day and year

“Dangerous Mind Games: Are We Ready to Overhaul the Teaching Profession?” is the title of an article by Superintendent Jack D. Dale of Fairfax County. The article published in Education Outlook No. 4, June 2011, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, states, “a truly effective school has multiple instructional leaders working with the principal to orchestrate and facilitate exceptional teams of teachers.”

Dale explained that teachers work on school improvement; collaboration with other grade levels and schools; training and mentoring new teachers; tutoring students before or after school, or during school breaks; and coordination of support services for children needing additional social or transition skills.

“Teaching is no longer a ten-month job; teaching is a full-time, twelve-month job,” Dale said. He pointed to several issues in implementing such a change, including flexible-length days and time; time and attendance recordkeeping; continuing contract rights; teachers with different contracts in the same building; and contract-length decisions in subsequent years.

Source: http://www.aei.org/docLib/EduO-2011-04-g.pdf


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