Fairfax County Student Health Advisory Committee calls for 90 minutes of physical education per week in elementary schools.

Currently most Fairfax County elementary school students have two 30-minute classes of physical education each week. The Student Health Advisory Committee’s annual report, which will be presented to the school board June 8, calls for a minimum of 90 minutes of physical education each week in elementary schools. This is a restatement of a recommendation SHAC made in its 2007 annual report.

SHAC also asked the school board to specify a minimum time for daily recess in School Board Regulation 5008 and specify that students cannot miss recess time due to failure to complete school assignments for disciplinary reasons.

In its 2007 annual report SHAC had said, “FCPS should follow the lead of national organizations in setting a stronger recess policy for elementary schools which requires at least 20 minutes per day (other than short Mondays).”

Earlier this year the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation that called for a minimum of 150 minutes per week of physical education instruction in grades K-8 by September 2014. When Governor McDonnell vetoed this, he said that recommendations to get children more physically active should come from local school health advisory boards. It’s good to see that the Fairfax School Health Advisory Committee is advocating for more time for physical education and recess!

The complete SHAC report is available here: http://bit.ly/kJOWs6


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