Alexandria City Public Schools to Open After Labor Day for 2011-12 School Year

Alexandria Public Schools (ACPS) students will begin the 2011-12 school year on Sept. 6 (except modified calendar schools Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School and Mount Vernon Community School). On Thursday, May 12, The Alexandria City School Board approved the proposed 2011-12 traditional academic calendar. The School Board voted unanimously to withdraw the Early Start Waiver request, submitted to the Virginia Board of Education in March, which would have allowed ACPS to begin the school year prior to Labor Day. The vote on the modified calendar for Tucker and Mount Vernon was postponed until May 26 pending further clarification from ACPS administration.

“While we firmly believe that an earlier start to the school year and an extended school calendar is what our students need and deserve to excel academically, it did not seem likely that this would get state approval this year,” School Board Chairman Yvonne Folkerts said. “Our students and parents deserve not to have to wait any longer for a decision while discussions continue; therefore the request will be withdrawn.”

Both the approved traditional academic calendar and proposed modified calendar can be viewed on the ACPS website at


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