Fairfax County Council of PTAs exaggerates time in school.

Seven hours is not the amount of time that students are in school each day in Fairfax County. Pam Konde, education chair, Fairfax County Council of PTAs, told the school board May 17, “Our children are in your hands 7 hours each day, every day—every year for 13 years.”

This is false. From Tuesday through Friday, most elementary school students are in school six hours and 35 minutes per day; others are in school for six hours and 40 minutes. On Mondays, these students are in school either four hours and 30 minutes or four hours and 10 minutes.

Pine Spring, Westlawn, and Riverside are the only elementary schools which currently let the students stay in school for a full day on Mondays. The students in these three schools have a total of 32 hours and 55 minutes per week in school.

All the other elementary schools allow the students to stay in school for only 30 hours and 50 minutes per week. This is the equivalent of six hours and 10 minutes per day—clearly an inadequate amount of time. Fairfax County must fix this problem and end the policy of dismissing elementary school students early each week.

Four early dismissal days per year is a reasonable number. Dismissing students early every week, or sometimes twice in one week, is unreasonable and excessive. Reform is needed in Fairfax County!


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