Theodora P. Dacales

I was sorry to read in the Washington Post that Theodora P. Dacales of Alexandria died April 11 at her home.

A retired elementary school teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools, Mrs. Dacales was an independent candidate for election in the first school board election in Fairfax County in 1995. In a letter to the editor of the Post printed November 5, 1995, Mrs. Dacales skewered the skimpy reasoning of the editorial in endorsing mostly candidates endorsed by the Democratic Committee.
“When the citizens of Fairfax County voted for elected school boards, it was based upon their desire to get politics out of their children’s lives. Translated, that means nonpartisan! No Democrats and no Republicans!”
My letter questioning the Post’s endorsement of the Democratic candidate in Mason District was printed under the same title, “Fairfax School Candidates Respond.”

After the election I met her at a meeting of independent candidates. She was a delightful person and was in favor of seeking ways of ensuring that future school board elections were truly nonpartisan.  I certainly agreed with her closing sentence in her letter to the editor: “I too am quite qualified to hold a seat on this board.”


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