Cost for full day Mondays in three schools

In Fairfax County, there are only three elementary schools which provide full days on Mondays for the students. Sandra Evans, the school board representative for Mason District, asked “How much it would cost for the three elementary schools which still have full day Mondays (Pine Spring, Riverside, and Westlawn) to be able to continue this schedule for the coming school year?”

Susan Quinn, assistant superintendent for financial services, provided the following response: “In FY 2011, only Riverside and Westlawn elementary schools continued to have full-day Mondays at a cost to the FY 2011 budget. Pine Spring opted for full-day Mondays as part of the former Excel School initiative, and was allowed to do so again in FY 2011 without additional compensation for staff. It would cost the School Operating Fund approximately $0.3 million for each school to continue the extended-day contracts required to provide full days on Mondays for a total projected cost of $0.6 million for
FY 2012. This number is estimated based on April 2011 salary and benefit expenditures with a one percent market scale adjustment and an average step increment. Employees budgeted in central accounts, such as advanced academic resource teachers, are also included in the cost since they report directly to the school.”


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