Affordable option for full day Mondays

It’s time for the Fairfax County school board to provide full day Mondays for all elementary school students. If the classroom teachers lost the two-hour block of planning time what would be a way of providing alternative blocks of planning time? Perhaps additional instructional assistants could be hired as recess monitors. If students had 25 minutes of recess each day, the classroom teachers could use that time as planning time. Classroom teachers would gain a total of 125 minutes of planning time in a five-day week, which could be one substitute for the 120 minutes on Monday afternoons.

The standard teacher contract could be made more flexible. The contract time per week could be kept at 37.5 hours. The normal contract workday could be reduced from 7 1/2 hours to 7 1/4 hours. The remaining 75 minutes could be used for meetings or other activities as determined by the principal and faculty of each school.


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